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Cabels'a sell it, they go back to a vault to get you a can. 3f for 45 cal and under 2f for 50 and above. Good advice on starting out with a new gun and loads. I shoot 100 grs from my PA hunter it works well and burns everything up. No charcoal on the snow. I would start with 80 grains and have several patch thicknesses and find the one that load tight without breaking the ramrod. After shooting find the patch, it should not be burned through nor cut. It should have markings that show where it road the riflings. It makes a pattern on the patch. Two ball diameters should be enough to sight in with a 490 ball and a 495 for 50 cal, some still shoot a 498 but that is hard rammin ball for target shoots. I prefer a 495 with a 10k patch prelubed. Keep moving the charge up until you are at the 90-100 gr load. Never pour the powder from the can into the barrel for fear of setting the can off. Instead use a powder measure. We'll talk more on this after my sleep.
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