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Very pretty creatures Springbok, and to sit and watch then dance and pronk across the velt is a magical thing, IMHO.

I think Springbok culls are some of the hardest to do because of that, similar thing with Gemsbok, beautiful, graceful antelope, but livestock needs effective management everywhere and at least they both taste great!

Here's a Gemsbok from last year that won me a conservation medal - you'll notice that the horns are not especially long, but the thickness shows the age of the animal, as did his teeth. This old Bull had been head of the pack for 3 years and had recently been forced from his position by younger males - this means that he would have been outside the protection of the heard, and a solitary animal like this is fair game for all sorts of preditors.

Personally given the choice between being eaten alive by hyaena or hearing a shot ring out and wonder what it was, before collapsing, I think I'd rather take the quick option!

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