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Wink Hey SaanThe problem

Hey SaanThe problem here is where it tries to read your ensitixg CSS file to see if it needs to be updated. This normally is not a problem with the permissions 644, but it seems to be a issue for you. Anyhow, the fix you tried was not quite right, you changed/wp-content/plugins/share-and-follow/share-and-follow.phpwhen you needed to adapt/wp-content/plugins/share-and-follow/css/stylesheet.css to be 777 (maybe 664 would work for you, if not set to 750, and let me know if it is still screwed? please!)btw: for your security change share-and-follow.php to be 644 asap so you dont let hackers in It's where I check to see if you have an ensitixg set of settings for your CSS and if it is different to what changes we do now, I use are part if php called fopen which might be a problem for your hosting company.As for looking like my pages, you have a choice but as you are new option #1 is much more your pace#1 just change the options in the share icon setttings to be the ones you like with the text you like. you want icon+text in a row#2 use the template tag of <php the_share_links(); ?> as that is exactly what I use on my page. it puts the same text, same icons, same everythig

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