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Red face RE: Hey there, On

RE: Hey there, One Eye! Well, I'm still pretty much in the dostalienift camp, but only if the laws are going to be enforced and everybody has to play by the same rules. The extent to which the government is either manipulating or allowing others to manipulate the markets while turning a blind eye to it all is unprecedented. The net result at this time is that the collapse has been kicked way, way down the road while increasing the eventual impact should the rule of law ever return.I think in the long run Sniglet, I, and others in the deflation camp have to be right. The value of any currency is the total amount of same in circulation divided by the productive capacity that backs it, and eventually that balance has to win out. But there are way to many games going on right now and not enough folks who care or understand, let alone are willing to stand up and fight to end them. The current equilibrium is precarious though- one good black swan event, political or economic, could focus the media and common man, pushing events in a whole new direction. Rate this comment: 0 0

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