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With this open land thing Hunting clubs don't really exist around here. We have a few BIG deer but the success rate is like 10% and most of the, the highest %, of bucks taken are 1.5 years old. we just don't have the numbers of deer. I think we got some where around 12 feet of snow fall this last year, yeah thats above the average, but we can lose 25% of the deer pop in any given winter. Our state records are only average for in that area of the country. This is one of those once in a life time type hunts for me. there is no way i could spend that kind of money every year. I'm trying to get to the point where I only take a mature deer but that means I could go without for several years in a row. I know it would be good for the deer if everyone only took mature deer but the odds of that happening are slim.
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