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I found it through the National Geographic web site. Delorme is only an hr and a half from me so i drove over and bought the cd. it was $60, I think, for the entire country and they gave me $100 worth of aerial photos. each section is like .50 and you get it as a down load. You can get the whole thing as a download. they had a bluetooth software all ready to go and were working on the GPS unit. I think its all set and on the market now. Delorme is the company that puts out those books you see at all the stores one of each state. They show all the roads and fields, they are red in color. You must have seen them great book for scouting a new area to you, a good start anyway. The reason it costs and isn't free is the very thing OneHorse was talking about with the uploading and downloading from GPS to your computer. You carry your GPS around in the woods marking points like rub areas and trail crossings on your GPS take it home download it to TOPO USA and boom you have a map on a USGS and Aerial photos. neat stuff. I use it to look at likely places to hunt that are new to me and how they relate to known areas.
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