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Do you guys spray for weeds and and undesirable plants? I've been seeing a lot about strip plots. strips in a spring summer food, like a clover, and strips in a winter fall plot, like oats. All in the same plot. I wonder why the clovers aren't doing well? I would have thought clover would have been cake. Did you guys mow it a couple times a year? I read somewhere that's a key with clover. I don't know why a guy just can't get seed from the Agway? If the bag has a picture of a deer on it, it seems to cost more and is the same stuff. With the mixed seed I used most of it is an annual but it does have clover which of course is a perennial. This is my first go at doing a plot and I know there are some things I should have done that I didn't, like lime, but lime takes months to do any good for the plants and by then its to late. It needs to be limed the previous year. I've tried to get some of the farms around here for years to let me try a small portion of there hay fields in a deer food plot but there is very little interest here. Good luck and let us know if you fined something good to replace the clover. Oh and word has it that " Grow Coat" is great stuff. This from a guy out west that does a lot of huge plots but I don't know for sure.
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