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BB, There have been some very strange things happen in the last couple of years at camp, I'll tell those stories another time here. But as far as bigfoot. Well there are times that I feel something is following me and the hair on my neck stands straight up. I turn around and nothing is there but the weird thing is there is no sounds, no birds, nothing? I have seen footprints big enough to be a bigfoot even if the print had a vibram impression in it. We do have one camp member hairy enough to be a distance cousin, in fact we make him wear orange even while sleeping just to be on the safe side. There's no question that I believe in bigfoot and unless it was a fight to the finish I would not kill him. I think I would treat him like my brother well maybe better now that I think back on it. Anyway I think you have opened a new topic one that should bring some interesting stories.
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