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I think you summed it up really well Ronn... Good Posting...

I also hope "Edgecrusher" doesn't mind I did a little edit too..

I think this is a typical 8 pointer in velvet in this pic, I'm not so sure it's going to score as well as EastTexasDroptine thinks it might, once he loses the velvet and the antlers harden and shrink, I think it's going to score in around 130. I also think it's currently only about 5 years old. (5.5 this season) that's just my opinion, the body is still a good solid muscular frame and he's just starting to develop the sagging belly Ronn mentioned. another thing I notice is the peaking shoulders sloping down to the neck, I'm sure he's seen a couple good heavy ruts with that neck swelling and shrinking.
All in All it's a great buck I wish you loads of luck pursuing him... <-click to see the deer

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