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A tooth is a way to get a positive age. By looking at different things on the live deer you can get a good idea how old it is. Its like looking and a 11year old, a 22 year old, a 30 year old, and a 50 year old human male. there are books out there to help you tell the difference and I'm sure there are magazine articles as well. The 1.5 buck looks like a doe with horns. little short face and slight all over. The 2.5 looks like a big doe and is a little front end heavy, with a longer face. the 3.5 looks like an athlete or a race horse, straight back thinner at the belly than the chest. the 4.5 gets the pot belly and the legs look short, the 5.5 has that sway back and big sagging belly and their face comes right out of their necks. the over the hill deer 7.5 and older just look gaunt. assuming all the deer are hard horned and before the rut.

How did I do guys and gals? did I get it about right?
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