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I haven't used any Barnes bullets, but its hard to beat Nosler bullets and I have some Swift-A-frames in 140 gr for the 270. I haven't tried some of the newer bullets out, but I'm sure there are some very good ones. Not to overdue the subject, I simply would be upset if I didn't get a complete pass through using any of the normal deer calibers. Any double lung or heart shot should be a pass through even if the opposite shoulder is hit. I wish I could say all dropped in their tracks too, but that wouldn't be true. I've had heart shot deer run 100 yds with different calibers and you wonder how in the hell they can do it. With swamp hunting I want the most blood on the ground I can get and this usually requires an exit wound. One of my buddy's famous comments is "even King Kong can't run with collasped lungs". While a double lung hit may not drop them in their tracks they certainly won't be too far. The very best drop in their tracks shot I had was with a 22-250 centered heart shot that exploded the liver and still exited. That was a 70 gr speer bullet loaded hot.
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