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Originally Posted by AngryDad View Post
I've had a beautiful Remington Model 700 .270 handed down to me from a family member, so I'm looking for ammo... I usually don't shoot more than 100 yards, but if the opportunity arises, will a 130 take a buck down cleanly at 100-150 yards? .

The 270 Win 130 grain is an OUTSTANDING deer cartridge. It'll kill deer at the 100-150 yard range like a bolt of lightning. You have a 300+ yard rifle cartridge combo for deer. Any of the standard bullet cartridges such as Federal Power-SHOK, Remington Core-Lok, Winchester Power-Point, etc... will do just fine. My best friend and I have been shooting 270 Winchester rifles, his a Rem Model 700 and mine a Ruger M77, since 1973 using 130 grain cartridges and have accounted for over 100+ whitetail deer - would be a lot more if I had not taken a 15+ year break from deer hunting. His has collected mule deer, pronghorn, and elk. Never lost a single one.

My advice is pickup a box of each of the standard bullet 130 grain cartridges from Federal, Remingtion, Winchester, Hornady, etc.. Clean the rifle bore really good with a good copper removing solvent. Then off a benchrest shoot 3 shot groups at 100 yards. Let the rifle tell you which brand it likes best by shooting the tightest groups. I'd also suggest you sight it at 1.5" high at 100 yards which with the 130 grain will be zero at 200 yards and approx 6.5-7" low at 300 yard. That'll give you the "Just put the crosshairs on it" out to 300 yards.

Also many times you'll won't get pass through shots depending on the shot angle but will recover a nicely shaped mushroom bullet on the off side. Don't let that worry you. The 130 grain did exactly what it's supposed to do - Deliver all its energy into the animal. Pass through shots waste the bullet's energy on the brush, trees, and ground behind the animal.

The Rem Model 700 you have is a really nice rifle and is chambered in a great cartridge. Have fun.

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