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Horse Wreck

Our big horse got into a wreck while we were working with him today. After we got his packs on him and were leading him, he freaked out (for no apparent reason) and took off running wildly around the ranch. Crashed into a tree, threw one of the packs, and destroyed a new saddle. Luckily, no one was hurt, nor was he.
Just a little over a year ago, he did just about the same thing, but ran through a barbed wire fence, slicing himself up so badly that we couldn't work with him all summer and into the fall. Not to mention the vet bills for patching him up. He's basically a good horse, who had been used in the past to pack into the Bob Marshall and Lee Metcalf Wilderness areas. Some mysterious thing happened to him a little over a year ago, and since then he's been very jumpy.
Well, as we can't take a chance on someone getting seriously hurt, or worse, with him, we've decided to find a good home for him. Of course, we'll tell the potential owners about his problems - he most likely will still be good for riding as we never had any trouble with him whiile riding. We are sad and disappointed, but, at least no one got hurt. Not sure whether we'll be looking for another horse for packing. Might just work on training the other two for that.
So. how's YOUR weekend going?
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