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Wink , young people who w

, young people who work in caerres like this actually know what the fuck they are doing, and rise to the top once they finally get a job.He mentions in his post that he did know about a lot of the channels that website refreshes have to go through, and understands the bureaucracy behind a significant undertaking. What he also mentions is that he's lucky enough to have been a part of several projects were instead of concern for everyone's ego's and pet projects those who were hired to redesign a website were trusted to do their jobs, and make accommodations later.The problem he saw was definitely deeper than the front-page, and his solution was actually a very honest and simple one. Change, now. You are losing business, and you don't have to. Why make bureaucracy an excuse, for a company that's a very bad one. It means the company is being pulled in too many directions and should fire a lot of people, and reorganize others. Airlines specifically do a large portion if not a majority of business online, and in the AA response there didn't seem any risk involved in simply changing the website and dealing with everyone after.If it was my job, and I was forced into that level of complacency where my time was well-spent telling off bloggers, than I'd start shopping for a new one, or take the risk of implementing a design I was hired to do and accept the risk and the reward that it may bring.

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