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Guys it goes far deeper than that which has been mentioned. Current oil res. in Saudi have peaked and they know it. We here did the same thing in the late 70's when the North American wells peaked ----Remember? The list is huge but to keep it narrowed down lets stick to just gas. Did you know the cost of gas is 1/3 taxes and 1/3 profit? Bottom line is of the money we earn and spend over 2/3s is caused by taxes our government has placed. So you need to ask where the heck is it going? (Boy that was hard to hold back on) You can thank your vote appointed crooks. Dem. or Repub. it really does not matter each steels something a diff. way. They are smart and it is buried so deep in red tape it would take a life time to find half of it. Now some of these people are honest but have their hands tied by the majority. They are all so far removed from the common man there is just no way they can relate. Well no matter how you vote it is a roll of fixed dice------snake eyes. Hold on to your money and your family even tighter because when all of this shakes out that is all that will be left.
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