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I agree we need to get away from OPEC, you know wave to them like they do in Boston, and we need to get the lobbyist aka special interests out of govt, all of them not just those that are against the powers that be. One thing we don't want to do is get the govt involved any more than we have to with private industry. We all know if you want to fix something get the Feds involved, NOT. That being said if you took the rate of inflation over the last 50 years gas is just now starting to catch up. I mean crap look at the cost of a gallon of milk now that the feds got involved a few years back. Everyone complains about the cost of fuel but have no problem buying bottled water at what? 10 bucks a gallon? or a coffee at about 12 bucks a gallon. No one likes paying more for something but a guy as to do what a guy has to do. Oh and I wholeheartedly disagree about being over there to protect the oil source. There is as much oil here in North America as there is there but we aren't allowed to get it for environmental reasons and maybe rightly so. If we were there for that the price should be going down and OPEC should be lowering their price per barrel and that ain't happening.
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