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Originally Posted by critter gitter View Post
The only thing that will get the economy going again is to lower the gas prices nobody goes anywhere or spends as much as they used to but if the price of gas was to go down or at least stop rising the economy might get a little better.
CG it is going to take much more than that I'm sorry to say. In politics squeaky wheel gets the oil weather right or wrong. Now all of us here know that once you start hearing the squeak the bearings all already shot. This is the problem now and I'm afraid it is time for an over haul. Not sure where we are going but we are going fast. Take a look at the dollar compared to the rest of the world. Everyone in the whole world sees it except for us. Hold tight to your checks your probably going to really need them down the road. Invest in Latin countries because we are going to need a place to live. You don't have to look hard to see the change in the past 20 years much less the last 10. Now try to vision 10 years in the future. Scared Yet!
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