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Greetings deer dude, welcome to the club, glad to have you aboard...

Many hunters who use the shockwave bullets have great success with them
I've also heard and read where some hunters loathe the shockwaves...
Expansion is always a concern when shooting wild game and no matter how
the manufacturers trie to calculate it, My personal opinion is that a lead
bullet is probably always going to have the edge on impact and expansion
when compared to similar bullets with polymer tips BUT the polymer tips will
probably have the edge with regards to deeper penetration....
I think the bottom line is as follows, "A vital hit is a vital hit" so to me
Accuracy is the most important factor, If the animal is hit in the Vitals
I don't think the make or model of the bullet is really going to matter.
just my opinion and I use Shockwaves too...

Good Luck!!

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