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fav rifles

Top: My .338 win mag. Its an 03A3 that was bored out to .338. Bell and Carlson black and spider web stock, Timney trigger, Pentax Whitetails Unlimited 3.7 X 11 scope. Love this gun! light, quick handling, and will take down anything in North America. most of all shoots FANTASTIC.

Middle: My new Rem model 7 in .260 rem. with a 3 X 10 Pentax Light Seeker 30. Like it a lot but haven't used it much. Kinda like being on that first date with someone. light, a lot less recoil than the .338, nice trigger thanks to OneHorse.

Bottom: This is the rifle I shoot the most. Rem model 700 in 22.250. 26" heavy barrel. 3.8 X 12 Simmons Atec scope. again sweet trigger thanks to OneHorse sharing the adjustment deal. Cold shot a woodchuck at 540 yards with a Hornady 40 gr moly coated V-Max.
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