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Thanks fellows. I think the price of this place was pretty reasonable because they were trying for a quick sell, plus its the opposite way of where most folks work. The 2 brothers inherited the farm and were just trying to sell off the cows and house while they are in probate to pay off the medical bills of their parents. With that sold now they can abtain the 700 acres free and clear.

Hey mule if this place does not sell in several months then I will consider renting it out. In the past I have rented it out for about a year and a half. But i really dont want the headache of the renting. Plus I can use the money from the "old" house to really make the "new" one a great place.

Its kinda unique how I found out it was for sell. Me and friend of mine that lives down there were coyote hunting. We drive buy the house and he says you can probably pick that up for a price in the 80's. A couple days later I called him back and got a phone number for it.
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