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Buying a new place

Well i signed a contract on another place this week. Its a 1600 sq ft brick house with a full basement. Basement is not finished though. Its sitting on 2.2 acres. Its liveable but outdated by a quite a few years. In TN in the 70s and early 80s all the houses that were built had emerald green or harvest gold (an ugly yellow) bathrooms. Brown paneling all throughout the house and 1 bedroom with some yellow and blue shag carpet. Being outdated and the work involved is the only negatives in my book. The basement could be finished. It holds no water. It has a little barn on it and a well built outbuilding. A good, big covered back porch. The view is awesome from the back porch too. You can only see hills and valleys. The land behind it I would have access to hunt. Prob about 350 acres. (there is also a farm down the road I could hunt that is several 100 acres also) Its farther out from work but I think I will enjoy the living better than being stuck in a subdivision. There is some fencing on it so with just a little work I can move my horses out there too. It has central heat and air, gas, city water. Also has a spring water that is pumped into basement and a well that holds some but not much water. $90,000 for this place with them throwing in all the stuff in the shed and some other small items. (riding mower, tiller, etc.) I am buying it from 2 sons who had their parents pass away around the same time. It is sitting on their parents 700 acre farm. I can make it to the elk river from that house in mins and beans creek with a 2 min ride on my four wheeler for fishing and such. There is basically nothing around it as far as houses close enough to see except for the old farm house that is 200 yds away from the current house. (they have plans to just bulldoze it)

I have my current house now for sale by owner. I am hoping for a quick sell to be able to use the money from my current house to strip and update the one I am buying. (the wrong economy for that. it is priced right though) 3 bdr. 1 1/2 bath brick, nice yard, kinda updated, in town, for 73,500. Last year when I had it listed with a real estate company they thought I should ask 86,600. (i had no offers at that high though)

The last couple years when I have been thinking about what I would like to buy it has always been. A little bigger house, room for some animals, (which 2.2 is not much but will hold 2 horses on 1.5 or 1.7 acres with some added hay cost), a place for all my hunting stuff besides every closet in the house, not a subdivison, somewhere I would not have to drive so far to hunt, a place where my kids can get out and run in the woods, and a little closer to work. This place does all that except the closer to work. I will have 20 min further drive 1 way. But for the price of the place and how I think it will suit my fancy (with some work and money) I could not pass it up. This is the first place Ive found with that much living space with the possibilty of more in a finished basement, in the country at that price range. The folks were trying for a quick sell by owner. If a real estate company had it they were going to ask in the 115,000 price range.

We shall see how it goes. I have some interest in my house already so here is to hoping it sells fairly quickly.
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