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Got out Staurday and shot that new KRB. The first picture is with 2 Pyrodex pellets, 300gr XTP with Crushed Rib sabots at 25 yards, to get the scope sighted in. Started out the first 1/2 dozen or so shots were to the left. After some scope adjustments it put 4 right in the hole. Forgive the first picture, those shoot n c's are a pain when they stick together. I adjusted up and took a couple of more shots before moving the target out. Second picture the target was moved out to 50 yards same load but with 120gr Pyrodex loose RS. I may have not let the barrel cool enough between shots on the 50 yard target or, it could have been the change to 120gr loose. Either way I'm pleased with the first outing. Looking forward to shooting my favorite 250 and 300gr Barnes Expander MZ and messing with the powder.

New Knight KRB-krb25.jpg

New Knight KRB-krb50.jpg
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