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well well well... warm weather. a perfect morning. we heard about 7 or so gobblers on our way to where we were going to set up. we were excited to hear them in a talkative mood at least. we put our decoys out, get situated in the wood line and start hitting the calls a few times. we aint been there 15 mins and a nice mature gobbler flys down off the roost and faces our decoys. its about a 30 yard shot for the young fellow. he was hot to cuz he landed in a full strut. the struted lasted until he spotted gun movement and then it looked our way, stopped strutin, but did not fly away. if it had not have spotted us we prob would have got it a little closer before we shot. we told him to go ahead and shoot before it got scared and flew off. he missed though. i think by how the bird reacted he hit low to very low. it flew off about 60 yds over another ridgeline.

oh well you cant ask for anything more than what we got on this hunt. a shot at a nice bird at a not so bad distance. got on the bird quick to. if we would have got this bird we would have been back in the truck and on our way home in less than an hour.

the birds just shut up talking after daybreak. so we did not have another chance to get close to one.
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