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woo hoo!!!

lift weights everyday??? practice everyday??? they have nothing else to do why not pump alittle iron and drive around some.. no 9 to 5 job for these guys.. 36 games a year??? whopty.. i show up to work probably 300 days a year.. 3200 lb car??? theres stay-at-home mothers that drive a big suv thats close to that weight.. lose 10% of their body weight?? all they have to do all week is eat and drive around and hang out with their pit crew.. that will probably give you some excess body weight... drive 200 mph?? yeah with a roll cage and ambulance workers on site.. drive like that going down a mountain with no er workers around and i will be impressed by your courage and stupidity.. only 40 or so drivers.. if they made it 2000 drivers they needed they colud find them.. anybody can do this.. females race now to correct... 2nd degree burns??? yeah and im sure he probably never felt alot of pain.. as quick as those ambulance workers were there im sure he was taken care of.. and hey he did not have anything to do all week but nurse his wounds.. like i said who cant get behind the wheel and drive in circles
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