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Scorpion, yes, this is the same Farmer's insurance.

I finally got a decent answer out of them today. I don't agree with it, but it's an answer. Basically the reason for the entire hold up is the fact this kid only had the minimum coverage. He had $10,000 policy and the damages are over $10,000. SO, in that situation, Farmer's can't just cut me a check like they normally would, they have to wait until ALL damages are figured up. They have the cost of my truck, they have the cost of my dad's car (yeah he hit it too in my driveway), but that's all they have so far. They are still waiting on the yard damage total, plus I want compensation for diminished value to my truck AND I wand the money that would've been used for a rental vehicle (BOTH of these I found out are 100% legal and ok to ask for). I asked the lady tonight on the phone from Farmer's why I haven't even been offered a rental truck up to this point and she said it's because of the limited policy this kid had. She gave this analogy: "suppose he did $10,000 damage to your property and did $10,000 to your neighbor's property. It wouldn't be right for us to go to your property first and cut you a check for his whole $10,000 amount and then go to your neighbor's and say, 'sorry we're all out of money'". MY reply to that? "so it is 'right' to only pay me $5,000 and my neighbor $5,000 and then we are screwed out of the rest?" Her reply, "yep". At least she was honest.
So my fellow hunters, this is what we have to look forward to more in the future as all these insurance companies are salivating over your cash each month. That's why you see all these insurance ads on TV saying "name your price" (Progressive) That's because they don't care how much you pay, as long as they get SOMETHING from you. The sad part? Do you think they tell their customers the potential danger in this? NO. What if your son/daughter legitimately had a wreck (not under the influence or anything like that) just made a mistake and crashed into a, umm let's say Cadillac Escalade. Well if you have the lowest coverage, or even a "name your price" coverage, you are going to be covered up to that point and then the rest of the $50,000+ for the Escalade is going to be had when the insurance company sues your child because they don't have that much coverage. Yep. DO they care? NO. Should you care? Yes. It's a win-win for both insurance sides, and a lose-lose for both people involved in the wreck. Now, in this situation I have no sympathy for this kid getting drunk and crashing into my truck and property. He's going to get a big wake up call when my insurance company comes knocking with a lawsuit (and rightfully so, if you are stupid enough to get drunk and drive).

James 1:2-8

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