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Hunting equipment

Originally Posted by niklink123 View Post
My biggest problem when I first started to hunt was I didn't know the little things. I just went out to my stand and sat. I didn't kno where to put my stand or when to be there. Had absolutely no luck. I tried research, but didn't get much help. The most success I've received was from reading this book, "Deer Hunting Secrets Exposed." Deer Hunting Tips - Whitetail Deer Hunting - Mule Deer Hunting - main This book has real stories from real hunters. Totally changed how I hunt and I've bagged a buck every year since I purchased it. I think every hunter should try it. Here's a link to it Deer Hunting Tips - Whitetail Deer Hunting - Mule Deer Hunting - main
what little secrets do you guys have??

PS. this isn't spam I just wanted everyone to know my secrets by checking out the book lol

I am also interested in hunting then I search Google I have found many sites , then I choose one camostorm .The company provide very good tips for hunting , and training provide good in few days i'm fully trained . My experience is so good I also suggest my friend he also use the service.
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