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Wounded deer

No experience with bow. Gun shot deer tend to run in the direction the shot entered. Hit left side, he bends to left. Listen to crashing for direction he went & maybe hear him fell. Go after him instantly. If blood trial stop, go another two hundred yards because he could be bled out. He tends to run straight when bled out & pumped with excape. He dead on his feet but will run till his brain stops. If necessary section the area off in your head or on paper & grid search. Check thickets because they seem to try to go to ground that kind of place, also check any water closely because I believe the water helps ease the pain. I have seen them lay low in tickets & water. You about have to step on them before they try to excape. I have seen around five bucks charge the first hunter they see. Only one man can have a gun for obvious safety reason. If it is dark after basic search, it is best to go home till light. If you are going to try a blood dog, do not follow at all. I have had great bay/blood dogs refuse to track about 60% of the time because you polluted the smell trail.
If you knock a buck down, put another bullet thru his chest/heart. It is the cost of a bullet or possible lost deer. I always shot good size side bucks thru the front shoulders high. That way you hit a lot of lung/possible bone down to heart, the main thing is to break his front shoulders. He can't go far with broke shoulders, lung damage & spinal damage.

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