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important lesson learned

Well guys, I learned a valuable lesson this morning that I didn't realize I needed to re-learn.
I was out turkey hunting and it was a GREAT morning for it. The toms were sounding off early from the treetops and we had a nice gobblers within 150 yds of us on the roost. Got to see his girlfriend fly down first, within 40 yds of our decoys, then saw him fly down about 5 minutes later within 50 yds of our decoys. When he landed he was just on the other side of the ridge and on his way. He closed the distance to 30-40 yds and right before I was going to shoot, (he was coming right towards our blind) he decided to go to my right. SO, naturally, I repositioned my shotgun and here is where the problem began. When I repositioned my shotgun, I guess I didn't have it seated deep into my shoulder anymore, it was a little high on my shoulder- so, you guessed it, Mr. Scope met Mr. Forehead officially this morning. 8 stitches, a bad headache and a trip to the ER has been my fun morning. Talk about rocking my world. NEVER had a problem with this, NEVER ever done anything like this before. I feel completely dumb that I let something like this happen. Let me be the example for all of you. Seat that firearm GOOD in your shoulder before ever dreaming of firing it.
Doc says I'll get the stitches out in 5 days....

James 1:2-8
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