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I'm not trying to bash Remington or any specific rifle model, I just want to share what I've personally seen.
I don't think Remington will never recall the model 700 (It's their most popular model) that's probably why they refer to it as a "Voluntary" recall.
I personally know of 2 model 700 Remington's (neither had modifications) that discharged while chambering a round, Both rifles had the safety on during each discharge.
One rifle discharged once before going back to Remington the other discharged TWICE (at two different times of course) before going back to Rem.,
all the owners were doing was chambering a round as it happened. Both of those rifles were returned to Remington and Remington replaced (Not Cleaned) the triggers in both of the rifles.
I'm not afraid to say I no longer feel safe around a Remington model 700

Because I actually saw it happen, I've searched the net a few different times about the 700's and always find new horror stories when I search.
Here's a link to a discussion regarding the 700 on Field and Stream's message boards.
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