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Originally Posted by Scorpion8 View Post
Interesting, but let me ask you this: they put out the product in the first place with an apparent flaw, so what makes you think they are any more qualified than I am to correct it? All they state in the recall is that they will "inspect and clean" the trigger. I can do that, and if it functions safely then there is no such issue. I've built and worked on many firearms in my life.

Since GM knew for 10 years that their cars had faulty ignition switches, are you going to automatically assume that they can fix it with a better switch and that suddenly they are magically transformed into a safe, caring, loving corporation that gets everything right?

All you get with the recall is a piece of paper saying that they fixed it. It may or may not be any safer than it was before. And following the basic rules of gun safety will take you much, much farther than that piece of paper.
That's correct; perhaps a piece of paper that then will show you acted in good faith once presented with the fact that your rifle might be defective after being identified by serial #. Do as you please, I can assure you that your decision here means nothing to me. However a more prudent person might take a different slant on knowing that their rifle has been identified with others in having a possible build defect. As for me, I'd be even more disturbed knowing that a non professional decided to do work to the triggger and safety mechanism on a rifle I was interested in.

This recall has nothing to do with safe gun handling, per say. It has to do with a known defect. A defect that might affect the future owner of your Model Seven, say a son, daughter, Grandson, etc.
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