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Over the years I've owned some pretty nice cars. First was a 1969 Road Runner 4 sp 383 ram air, next a '76 Camaro 4sp 350 4bbl, next was a 1970 AMX 390 4sp, next was a BMW 320i in Germany, next a 1968 Cougar 302, next a 1987 Corvette in Germany when autobahns were still unrestricted (yes, no speed limits!), next a 1993 Ford SHO, next a 40th anniversary Mustang GT.

I also was asked by a friend to watch his new (then) 2003 Corvette 6 sp and drive it monthly while he was depolyed. I did, and loved it. The first time I ever drove it it turned 1,500 miles. When he came home unexpected, he called and asked why my truck was in his garage and where was his car (I was driving it!)

My favorite was likely my Corvette. It spent a LOT of time over 100 MPH and a good bit over 130 too. Dusted Porche 911s on the autobahn with it
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