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I was into the law enforcement field for quite awhile before my current occ. and I've seen many bad things happen to innocent people. It is very hard to maintain composure when a situation is so bad that you are pretty much useless (my personal opinion about myself). I'll share this story with you all. I responded to a motor vehicle accident on a wet rainy day in which a young man early twenties lost control of his vehicle went off of the road, down a small hill and hit a tree. His vehicle was a mess and he was also. Well a long story short, the EMS crew took a long time to respond and I was the only and last person to converse with him. All I could do was tell him that everything will be OK and that help is just around the corner and that he'll be in a nice warm room with his loved ones in no time at all. As I tried feverishly to calm him and ease his suffering I said that I will follow the ambulance to the hospital and make sure that he gets the best room with the prettiest nurses. But it felt like an eternity before any help showed up and as I type this I can smell the burning motor oil, hear the rain drops on the roof and smell the blood. Many other things stick in my head to this day and things like that you cannot just forget. There's always trauma counseling for all law enforcement, EMS, and public safety officials after such tragedies but it doesn't erase the memory. As for Mr. Signman and his brother, being in NYC I don't think that anything can compare to what you all have been through with that of 911 by itself. Along with many other everyday traumatic events the FDNY has got to be the most strongest, courageous, and bravest group of people in the world. One could only imagine the things that they see and experience on a daily basis. Joel, if there is a word or words that describe a person as being more than a "hero" please tell your brother that he and the entire FDNY are just that and GOD BLESS THEM!!!!!
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