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Barrel swapping on a Savage 110 action

I am not a gunsmith, but any rifle action can have the barrel swapped for a different caliber if it fits in the parent action. The 308 Winchester is usually chambered in a shorter action because the cartridge doesn't need the full 30-06 length. Some companies save money by using one size action and just block the magazine with a filler pushing the shorter 308 length cartridge forward. They also change the bolt stop so the bolt doesn't retract the full length because it doesn't need to. If you are changing from say 270 Winchester to 30-06 the barrel just needs to be swapped out. The bolt face is indentical. Savage 110 actions look like they would be easy to barrel swap, it uses a method of barrel attachment similar to the 50 cal M2 machine gun. I bet someone will chime in that they have re-barreled one of their rifles.

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