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Smile 308 v 270

I'm an old retired nz meat hunter who has used a multitude of different calibers over 40 odd years.In my experience if you are bush stalking your kills are going to be close range and in open shooting no more than a couple of hundred on average .It is down to your skill at stalking and placement of your shot to get a clean kill rather than the calibre,otherwise you will lose your deer or pig due to injury and it will suffer a lingering death and often you wont find it unless you have a good dog.Saying that I have used a BAR 270 for many years in bush and open country with no complaints,and 308 in the field where it counts is equally as good .All this crap about loads,groups and ballistics does not count for much when you have to make one shot count to keep the bills paid and food on the table .
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