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Darell Waltrip

Dear Darell,

Please step away from the sport of racing. With your bad voice today and your constant kissing of NASCAR and your brothers but I felt myself constantly wanting the dog to attack me and tare at least one of my ears off just to kill the migrain. Get an opinion that shows you have some personality instead of being the Mr. Rogers of racing. Also I dont know what BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY means but I cant help but think your talking to a bunch of three year olds. Last time I checked the ratings your target audience was over eighteen and if we dont want to eat our vegetables we dont have to. Lets hope that voice problem of yours is throat cancer so I can actually watch the pre race. Please Darell step down for America and most importantly for the children.

P.S. If someone crashes Tony again the terrorists win!

freedom can not be measured in safety.freedom is the ability of a citizen to live their life without government interference.

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