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I think you are right, based on news across the country. I look at it this way. Short term its BAD, no doubt for most people, but long term its good. if one can survive they have a chance to build $$ cause things will move upward.. Example, here when the building industry is real good, as it has been for a long time now, housing cost are up, making hard for someone to buy a house. It also brings the "builders" out from the mills and garages because they know what a hammer looks like. It also makes what I call clipboard builders rich. A clipboard builder is a, for language purposes we'll say, a "good talker" but they can't nail 2 boards together. What a building crash does is it purges the system. Those mill guys go back to the mills cause they are poor builders and were just there to make a buck and the clipboard builders go away cause people say why should I spend an extra 10% or more just to listen to words. People will stick with the guys that CAN build and charge a fair price. Those that didn't get into the price gouging when things are good. so long term there is a chance to make out. its like a do over. short term it bites.
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