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I have a Chevy Silverado V-8 350 and a Chevy Suburban also with the 350.
Love the power and they do the job of hauling around all my toys. Neither one gets driven as much as the girlfriends Kia Optima but I wouldn't want to give them up. I realize there is a price for my indulgence and try to bear that in mind before blaming someone else.

Price is not always what's most important. If buying more expensive American products is important to you in order to help economy then you should do it. If supporting Chevron/ Texaco because of their efforts in lowering our dependence on foreign oil is important to you then by all means support them.

Like wise if there are companies like Citco, Exxon, Mobil that you don't agree with their ties then that should be the determining factor in not supporting them.

Just wanted everyone to bear in mind that the consumer dictates the market and anytime we don't like the current situation we should first look at our own spending habits.

It may cost more to support the things we believe in or are import to us, but like the song says " You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."

Ronn , Didn't mean to make it sound personal. I thought I made that clear when I said I have no problem your indulgences ( I have my own). You stated yourself that you don't worry about prices at pump, you just do what you need to do. That if Citco was 25 cents a gallon you still wouldn't buy it. Again I agree, and have no problem with that, all I was saying is prices will not go down without reducing demand.
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