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Well I meant to do this sooner,,, but at his funeral I found out that he was in fact saved! Talk about relieved. It put an overwhelming amount of joy in my heart that he had accepted Christ as his Savior!!! He had not been a Christian long, only a couple months. A man that was from the church Donald's sister attended came and talked with him one day and Donald was very receptive. God works in wonderous ways!

That also got me thinking-- many times we have people in our lives that do not know Christ and they may say things like "i'm too old now, He won't accept me" or "i've done too many bad things in my life, I can't be a Christian". These are both FALSE! Jesus will accept you and make you one of His up until your last breath on earth! The #1 thing people don't understand sometimes is that God wants ALL of us to go to heaven! Many times people think God only wants the "good" people. NO, he wants EVERYONE in heaven.... BUT He gave us free will to make our own decisions. He wants US to choose HIM. It's sort of like getting a gal to like you,,, you have to prove to her that YOU like HER first. It does not matter what you have done in your life, it doesn't matter what wrongs or rights you have done. God will accept you for who you are. PERIOD. Some people believe they live "good lives" and they don't do much wrong. I think that's great, I really do. BUT, if you don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ and know Him as your Savior, that's as far as you are going.... a good life here on earth. There is SOOOO much more that we have to live for than this old life on earth.... We have an eternity to live up in heaven with JESUS and God our Father! Here are some important reminders:

1. We are ALL sinners. Some people sin more than others--- it's all about repentance!
2. Jesus came to earth and live with us for 33 years!
3. Jesus DIED and then came BACK TO LIFE!
4. God's initial thought was to live on earth with His creation! Adam and Eve changed that!
5. We are to live our lives like Jesus did- perfectly.... BUT there's no way we can be perfect. (this is often hard to understand and explain). We are to be "Christ-like" but we are NOT Christ and therefore we are NOT perfect. (this does not mean we have permission to sin as much as we want and then just ask for forgiveness)
6. God will wipe ALL your sins and troubles away if you will let HIM! But the only way this can happen is if you put your full faith and trust in Him! He knows when you are faking! :)

as always, if you have questions or comments please leave them here or email me at
I would LOVE to share the story with you!

James 1:2-8
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