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It's not about one outlasting the other. To think that the price of something will go down without reducing the demand for it is ignorant.

Everyone is always looking for someone else to blame for everything. Either that or looking for some else to fix it.

Like blaming the government for NAFTA or blaming big business for going to Mexico or where ever for cheaper labor. They all sold out the American worker. No, they didn't the American consumer sold themselves out. You can't go buying Korean boots, Chinese belts, shirts from Mexico and so on and expect there to be a demand for American Products. We wouldn't buy our own products because they cost more, then why would anyone else?

NAFTA allows goods to come here without taxes. It doesn't force us to buy it. Without the American consumer it doesn't work, and the American worker does.

All supply and demand.

Some trips are essential, yes, but are they all? Can trips be consolidated? Then of all the necessary trips, do they really have to be done in a Dodge Charger with a Hemi? If These are things you need or feel you deserve the freedom to enjoy then fine, I have no problem with that. If a person is able to indulge themselves more power to them. Just don't blame someone else because you're indulgences cost too much. Gas is like anything else, they will charge whatever people are willing to pay. If you can't reduce your demand, they will not reduce their price.

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