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Bull. Who controls supply? All the oil co's have to do is stop putting it out there for sale, the price goes up. wars, EPA, Hurricanes, pipe line break, all reason that supply COULD BE slowed. Happens all the time with the lumber industry here. mills sit on the logs till the price gets where they what it then they run the lumber. so if everyone was driving priuses the co would just sit on it longer till the price got where they wanted. One thing to keep in mind we still pay some of the lowest prices in the world. Its the record profits that irk me. In a free market society a co has the obligation to make a profit but come on, when is it enough? Oh and history shows there was no gas shortage in the 70's there was the threat of a gas shortage so the oil co's AND the government sat on what they had and just wouldn't release it. The threat alone was enough to cause panic. Sounds like on both sides of the coin, right? well its not that simple and it is. Just me babbling. And I drive a dodge pickup with a V8 and a Dodge charger yes with a HEMI and I think I'm far from ignorant.
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