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I'm not sure how big BP is but its still a gas producer and charges the same as others. I work right next to a BP refinery here in Toledo. I believe they are British backround, were popular in Canada for a long time prior to coming to the USA. I'll follow along with the idea, but the big picture is less need for foreign oil, less demand for oil period, more nuke plants yes they are safer, kill vertually no workers (like oil refineries)and produce large amounts of electricity. If we reduce our oil comsumption prices for gas will go down! With proper stack scrubbers coal is still a good resourse and there is a lot of it in the USA. Short term needs for oil could be gotten by drilling where there is oil owned by the USA. I'm sure many of you will have an opinion on that! As long as we consume large amounts of foreign oil we aren't in the position to cry too much on what they charge/barrel. We are a spoiled society, now its time to pay the piper for it. Everything that we consume is taking a hike upwards, current and near term expenses are going to hit the pocket book hard. I don't see a presidental candidate that can turn the tide. Right now I feel like...
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