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Default i do not have an f rating on BBB ???

and tony that called me a stuttering prick went on a trespass hunt in iowa expecting a fully guided hunt. I even offered to put him and his friend on another hunt and he said no. He actually called me up a year after and told me he has a bad temper and he was sorry. I even told him thats ok and that if he wanted i would discount his hunt. also tony sent me 600 apeice for him and his friend i only made $120 per guy and sent the rest to the outfitter he wanted me to pay what i sent to the guide. Please know your facts before making assuming something. Also i called up the BBB and i did not even know i had an f rating i called them up and cleared that up, I have been in business for 12 years imagine all the people i sent out on hunts and to only have i group in colorado and tony on the iowa hunt to talk bad about me what does that tell you?