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juvenile turkey hunt

i am going to take member 10 point on the juvenile turkey next saturday. (march 24) i thought i would only have 1 place of private land to take him to but due to a good guy i work with we have 2 options. we got a 47 acre place we were planning on going to anyway but now with the permission the guy at work gave me if there are no turkeys at option 1 we are going to head up the road to my work buddies place. i think he has about 80 acres. and he is covered up with turkeys. i would rather just go to his place first but when i asked him i said if we have no luck down the road from him than do you mind if we ride up your place. luckily he said sure. then he went on to tell me where they always are and how to get there. good dude. i think its because we are trying to hook the young dude up with his first gobbler. wish us some good hunting luck. hopefully we will have the first turkey pic for our gallery upon our return.

we ought to have a prize for that. considering its gone empty for so long.
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