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With the rifle comes a book with different suggested loads. Different gr bullets and different powders. I'm using a 245gr pushed by 42 grs of 4227. A different weight bullet may use a different powder. Its like hand loading on a big scale. I can't remember what its fps is but I think it was 2700fps. I know its was real close to a regular rifle. Its in the book as to what that load should be doing. Because of the higher pressures you need to use the black sabots and they don't make a power belt that will work in it. Anyway its worth a look. I'll say this much I do know. 1" high at a hundred is 8" low at 200 yards. I feel I need to post this here because of the young shooters on this board NEVER USE SMOKELESS POWDER IN A MUZZLE LOADER NOT DESIGNED FOR SMOKELESS POWDER. If I find the book I'll post what it says.
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