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All I can say is, How difficult is it to sit down write out a "REFUND" check, mail it out and be done with this nonsense?
At least that way you can photocopy your returned check front and back to prove you refunded your clients money.
you'll have a photo (front and back) of the returned check to be able to post wherever you think this client has done you harm.
That's how to satisfy this situation.

P.S. "NO REFUND" policies (on ridiculous deposit amounts) are poor business practices,
I know many businesses use them but using them doesn't imply they are good practice.
a no refund policy means Greed, greed can cause any business to fail.

I don't believe an outfitter should ever demand such high deposits, I would rather be known as the outfitter that "WILL GIVE" refunds rather than
the greedy outfitter that won't. On the other hand I understand cancellations can cause losses sometimes so a "SMALL" non refundable deposit
would be more acceptable for all. Bottom line is you kept your clients money for "nothing".

Good Luck

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