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sled is lying

Hi Im Rich Botta, Hunter Sled Reynolds booked a hunt with me. Let me explian to you what is really going on Sled and a group of 6 of his friends booked a trip with me in 2012 and in craig colorado and everyone tagged out. So he wanted to book a hunt in 2013 in Colorado again but with a different guide. So I recommended an outfitter in Trinidad Colorado and he said he didnít want to go there, then I mentioned sand hills Nebraska,Montana,Utahan,Alberta,Saskatchewan Canada and Mexico and he said no to all of these. He wanted a hunt in craig clorado because he found out a friend was going with a different outfitter and just wanted his money back. We do not give refunds if we have the hunt you booked for. Well a few days later he started posting lies about me ( saying I don not have hunts for mule deer in the US) which I do many as mentioned above!! I also have outfiitters that will testify that we did have openings this fall for mule deer you may call them if you like I even had a hunt for him in Colorado in Trinidad. Sled went to all the forums and posted lies about me. In December. I sent sled a messege stating that I would refund him entirely the $2000 if he would stop the games and take all the posts down as they are not true. He did not respond instead he posted more lies about me !!! THE OFFER IS STILL THERE SLED IF YOU TAKE DOWN THE LIES YOU WROTE ABOUT ME ON ALL THE FORUMS I WILL SEND YOU A CHECK FOR $2000 OVERNIGHT!!! also what everyone does not realize here is that sled is a wealthy man he works in hollywood 2k is nothing for him he just wants to be a pain he actually told me he hired a kid to go online and talk bad about me all over the internet . Sled does not even know what he wrote!!!! and for everyone taking his side without evening know the whole story you should know your facts first and BTW when booking with me you speak with the outfitter before booking a hunt anyeways the outfitter wants to see if you a good match for him and if he is a match for you.. And for people saying why use a booking agent??? well what you do not know is all the time and money we spend going on horrible trips!!! getting scammed by outfitters losing over 20K ayear just so our clients can be happy and have a great hunt. We have been in business for over 12 years and as you see there are not many bad reviews online only the same 2 guys over and over again!!!!FUNNY THINGS ABOUT HAPPY CLIENTS THEY NEVER CALL YOU BACK AFTER A HUNT THE ONLY PEOPLE YOU HEAR FROM ARE THE UNHAPPY ONES :). I WILL START GETTING MY OLD CLIENTS AND NEW CLIENTS TO START WRITING FORUMS ABOUT ME ON HOW GREAT MY HUNTS ARE I DESERVE THAT WITH ALL THE WORK I PUT IN. FEEL FREE TO TALK TO MY OUTFITTERS THEY WILL TESTIFY FOR ME , I SEND THEM MANY HAPPY HUNTERS. please feel free inbox me with questions or concerns im really disappointed how this turned out and would like to resolve this issue but its a 2way st here. Sled went on 30+sites and lied on all them be a man take everything down and I will send back your deposit!!!!
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