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Thanks guys, I finally found a place that has the Knight KRB7 I can handle and see how it shoulders. Not that I don't like my Wolf but I've been wanting to buy another MZ to mess around with. I had the KRB, TC Triumph, and a Savage 10ML on a short list to check out to buy. I didn't care for the Triumph after checking it out. The Savage interested me but I'm afraid I'd have trouble finding the smokeless powder since I have no gun shops close to me and ordering powder on line I didn't want to pay the extra haz-mat fees. At least I can buy Pyrodex local. So, with luck this time tomorrow I'll be the proud owner of a KRB. The gun shop I'm going to has a blue/composite and a couple of stainless/camo stock models. The guy told me the blued model was $219. Thats a good price for a KRB.
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