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Default Minnow pond

We have a pond (only like 5 feet and 12 inches deep), and something I have wanted to do after winter is raise some minnows in it.
We have had a nice Kentucky bass and bluegill in it (1 bass, 3 bluegill), but there is currently no fish in the pond. I want to raise fathead minnows, and get enough to benefit my fishing trips and to sell minnows. I have had a batch of minnows before, but lots of them died. I had my setup in a Rubbermaid container, and I think I over stocked it. Or I could set up a kiddie pool (which would have bluegill in it too) in the basement. Is it possible to raise minnows for profit and my benefit in a small pond or a kiddie pool?Here in Iowa the weather gets kind of cold out , I could raise them in the pond and transfer them into the kiddie pool in winter?I am kind of puzzled about minnows
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