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Hi Everyone, I'm new here. Hunted with a slug gun my whole life. I bought a CVA Wolf new in the box a little over a year ago for $100. I've talked myself into and out of a muzzleloader for the last 10 years and bought this one just to see if I'd like hunting with one. I put a Nikon Pro Staff 2x7x32 on it and shoot 2 Pyrodex pellets, 300gr Barnes Expander MZ with Crushed Rib sabots. I took two deer with it last fall. For $100 can't beat this 3 shot group at 50 yards, cleaning between shots. Second picture is at 100 yards, not cleaning between 6 shots. Target is a 6 inch shoot-n-see. My next muzzleloader will probably be the Knight KRB7

cva wolf-50redhot.jpg

cva wolf-100redhot.jpg

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