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UPDATE: I Purchased the Dragonfire in mossyoak camo arrived in a couple days it looks to be a quality made product
installation & instructions are simple
It is recommended to use Nickel Metal Hydrate rechargable batteries
Lithium recommended in temps below 20 degrees
I ordered at the end of bow season so I did not get it in the woods yet but have been testing it in 20-30 degree weather here & I have to say so far I am really liking this heating begins very fast. I have est. time of 10 sec to start to feel the heat battery seems to last the est. time per the claim (only tested the alkaline & NiMH batteries)
it has a high, low & off setting low seems really nice for cool days when you don't need gloves & high works well on the really cold days with gloves on
So far I am enjoying the Dragonfire & will continue to test & update this product
shot a 15 round bow course today NO Gloves 25 degrees heater works well on high setting hand was warm the whole time does not get really hot but just enough to keep the bow comfortable
Here are a couple pics of the setup

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